Can I take Ambien in prison? Can I increase my usual dose to be on the safe side?

More and more medicines appear everyday on the drug market. People are confused what to buy, what is more effective, what is cheaper and so on. But also, there is a list of irreplaceable medicines, which proved to be the best and the most effective of all.
Doctors can rely on their action and they are not afraid to prescribe them. Most people try to ask as much questions as possible before start taking pills to know everything from its effectiveness to its side effects and inreactions.
In our article we would like to answer on several interesting questions which are connected with sleeping pill Ambien.

Is it possible to take Ambien in jail?

People taking Ambien can get to different accidents which they should be responsible for however they don’t even remember their actions. Such accidents are rare but nevertheless they occur and it is hard to explain why. It was rather interesting case when person got to prison for car crash and hurting several people. He claims that doesn’t remember anything that he just took a pill of Ambien and forgot about it and drove to the shop.
The next thing he remembered is that he woke up in the emergency car not knowing what happened and why he was there. Discussions of such side effect of Ambien were numerous and almost every person who take them know about these symptoms and try to avoid contact with people and doing something after taking pill. But this guy knowing all this information just forgot and it led him to the greatest mistake in his life. Frankly speaking no one really knows if he took that pill or not. But our article isn’t about it.

It is about sleeping medicines in jail and is it real or possible to get it there?

All people are under the risk of having insomnia. Especially people, who are in jail, some of them have nothing to do but sleep all day long, others can’t sleep even at night. It is psychologically hard to live in such conditions, so people just become very nervous and with time they may have a lot of stresses and panic disorders and sleeplessness as a result. Their relatives try to find the way to help them from their insomnia.
But there is a disappointing fact that in most prisons, frankly speaking in all prisons, prisoners are not allowed to bring any kind of medicines with them. All pills should be prescribed by the jail doctors, but telling the truth they are not in a hurry to do it.
First of all they may write prescriptions to those they think need immediate help, for people with cancer, leukemia, diabetes and so on, during all these time you may spent a lot of sleepless nights and no one will even think that your disease is serious as well and needs a treatment.
Unfortunately you will not get Ambien even if you have a prescription from your doctor, as it was already said that doctors from jail will put their own diagnosis and the way of treatment. You should prepare for the worst. They will probably give you some simple medicines which won’t be effective after Ambien, so the only thing you can do is to wait and hope.

I’m afraid to fly.

People have totally different fears. One can be afraid of height, another of water, others of flying by plane. People, who afraid of height and flying by plane, can’t have a natural sleep during the flight because they are too excited and anxious.
They have always been interested if there is a pill which may help them to sleep and outlive this frightening moments of flight. And there is an answer. Ambien is an effective medicine which can help you to fall asleep for a few hours and one more its advantage is that you can take it just once and take it again only when you have to flight again.
It won’t be risky, just check if you don’t have allergic reaction to some components of this medicine.
Take a pill and sleep calm. And forget to tell flight attendant to wake you up, because Ambien is so effective that you can oversleep.

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