Misery of addiction

There is a great number of people suffering from insomnia disease but there is just a few medicines which can really be effective for them or at least give an opportunity to sleep for several hours. Ambien is one of those medicines which lots of people are grateful to.
Nowadays people are so worried about their work, children, personal life, that they totally forget to think about their health and body. Of course it influences their health with time and they gain severe diseases.
Those who doesn’t pay attention to what they eat have problems with their stomach, those who doesn’t think what they drink have liver or kidney diseases, those who smoke – problems with lungs, and those who are nervous, emotional and impressive have mental problems or insomnia and so on. So the conclusion of all this is that every part of person’s body needs attention and care.
As this article is about insomnia so let’s speak about it in details. Insomnia can occur in people of different ages. Usually the first recollection when hearing insomnia is a sleep problem. The present days more and more people are having this kind if problem.
Most of them have it permanently but the majority suffers from it all the time. Looking for the way out they forget about side effects of medicines, about their price and prescription list. The only think about how to get pills and how to fall asleep finally, they are so exhausted and tired that they don’t have any forces to resist this disease and their desire to get more pills than it was prescript.
So the main problem of people taking Ambien is their inability to control their doses. Looking through the sites where people discuss if Ambien helped them or not, or just complain on it or vice versa praise it, we can read a lot of complains that doctors refuse people to refill their prescriptions or prescribe Ambien again. Reading all this makes us think that most of people with sleep problems are under the risk of becoming addict to such kind of drug.
Doctors try to prescribe this medicine in case when it’s really necessary, when person suffers from constant insomnia and nothing else can help him. Also health care providers advise to take the smallest doze 5 mg to avoid side effects claiming that this doze is enough to fall asleep and sleep for 7-8 hours.
Many patients are so tired of their disease that they take double dose hoping to sleep longer and without disturbing. In this way their pills run out twice faster and they come for another prescription or refilling. In most cases doctor understand his responsibility for patient’s health and he has to refuse to give another prescription to avoid his patient becoming an addict.
Also many people with insomnia share their secrets of sleeping and using Ambien longer than it was prescript. They brake their pill into pieces and take only half of it, as they say it gives them about 3,5-4 hours of sleep. And the only thing they can say in their acquittal is that it is better to sleep for a short period 2 month than as normal person but only one month. Moreover they are looking for doctors who are clueless in the questions of insurance and use their ignorance to refill their prescription or write them one more.
Reading this article should make you think that taking this drug will make your life easier and your sleep better, but you should always control yourself to avoid addiction. Taking pills is not necessary if you feel sleepy and think that you can fall asleep without it. Consider all pros and cons and remember that although the doctor is always right the only person who will take care of you and will help you to prevent the abusing process is you.

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