Sleep to death

Sleeping pills like Ambien can give you an opportunity to have a rest at night finally. Insomnia is a disease which disturbs lots of people from their normal life.
Many people are ready to do everything to have enough sleep, to return their normal life which they had before their disease. Such desire usually followed by reckless and irreflective behavior and actions. In their pursuit for normal sleep ill people usually forget about consequences.
Not to put your health under risk read this article to know everything about this medicine to protect yourself beforehand.
It is known that constant usage of Ambien can lead to addiction and side effects, but there is a little information about the possibility to obtain some types of cancer. A lot of contemporary scientific researches show that people who take Ambien or other sleeping pills are four or five times more under rick to get cancer and die than those who have natural sleep without any medicines.
Before taking these pills you will probably read a prescription list and all possible information about this medicine and you will see that it is not recommended to people who has liver, kidney and heart diseases.
But in fact no prescription will tell you the reason for this precaution; the real reason is a risk to develop some kinds of cancer. First organs which will be under the risk are organs which you have problems with. Ambien and widespread pills for insomnia are associated with numerous deaths and new cancers.
It is also interesting to know that cases of getting cancer and dying don’t depend on the age of the person, who takes sleeping pills.
When one half of doctors claim that it is unsafely to take such kind of medicine and they would never prescribe it to their ill patients another half is calm and don’t bother about it. They are completely sure that this risk of having cancer or dying has nothing to do with pills for sleep.
Their main explanation is that this risk is connected to the reason why people have to take medicines. Insomnia appears as a result of some mental or psychological rejections or diseases, so some doctors are stick to the theory that illnesses of such kind are the real reason for dying and obtaining cancer among people who take sleeping pills.
People suffering from insomnia say that they are not scared of death or cancer side effect, because if they don’t sleep for several months they would have lots of side effects from not sleeping and consequently a range of diseases.
So their choice is not so big or they are taking Ambien have a good sleep and not very big possibility to develop cancer or they are not taking this medicine and suffer from insomnia and as a result lose their forces, job, family and health.
Which is better?
Everyone should choose on his own.
Warnings about cancer and mortality don’t mentioned in the instruction to the Ambien for one reason, not because its producers are afraid to frighten people by this fact, and not because they are afraid to lose consumer, but because taking this medicine for a short term as it should be taken isn’t hazardous for you health.
But as more and more people make sleeping pills a part of their everyday life - risk increases, because when creating Ambien such nuances were not thought over. People just have no other choice than buy it and use it everyday and they don’t pay any attention to precautions if they just want to fall asleep for at least 4-5 hours which Ambien can provide for them.
Of course warning you one more time won’t make any effect. Just want you to remember that it is pointless to subject your health one more dangerous influence, so just try to control your dose and listen to your doctor. You will have enough sleep when you die but don’t speed up this process.

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