Sleeping after sex? Oh, it’s not for me

According to survey a lot of people especially women suffer from insomnia after having sex. As they claim they don’t have such kind of problems if they don’t have sexual contact.
For the first time it sound rather strange because the majority of people can immediately fall asleep after sex, it even help them to fall asleep faster as they are relaxed and a bit tired after it. But there are people who really look for the way out.
Of course to refuse your partner to have sex and sleep instead one of the possible solutions but it won’t last for a long time. So nowadays there are a great number of medicines which can help you to fall asleep after sex or before it. Ambien is a great solution for those suffering from insomnia or bad and disturbing sleep.
It is also interesting to know that mostly women can’t sleep after sex, men have no problems of such kind. Doctors explain this fact as males feel relaxed after having orgasm and female not, dependently had they orgasm or not, usually full of energy and totally not ready to go to bed. In most cases women are more energetic if they didn’t have orgasm during sex, but even if they did it may work as stimulating factor and make you energetic.
As it is known, sex releases endorphins which cheer you up by the time they are out of your body. Lasting sexual contact will exhaust you and you will probably be sleepy and tired. So always try to get an orgasm it will increase your chances to fall asleep.
Having sex can be compared to exercising, so for most people it’s hard to fall asleep after having run or doing some exercises. One of the natural ways to calm down after stress, created by sex, is to cuddle with your partner and do it for some period of time. It may relax you and calm you down. Also people advise to lay down in a comfortable position, try not to think at all. If this doesn’t help you probably should visit you doctor and ask for Ambien prescription. Ambien is an effective and powerful medicine which will help you to fall asleep any time you want.
But don’t try to take this medicine before having sex in a hope that it will pass more than half an hour before you will fall asleep and right during this time you will be able to have a sexual contact. It is rather dangerous and totally unpleasant experiment because you can fall asleep while having sex and wake up periodically, so from the whole sexual contact you may remember some moments and of course it is frightening experience for you and your partner.
Ambien is known among users of it as eraser of memory, we don’t want to claim that almost all actions you do you will forget, but there is a great possibility to forget some facts and actions of yours. If you’re having sex and then use Ambien to fall asleep you should remember about birth care that you have to follow.
Getting pregnant when taking this medicine is rather dangerous for you and your future child. Although cases when children were born with some defects caused by Ambien were not registered yet, doctors advise to avoid pregnancy. Get pregnant is not as hard as to mature child and not to harm his. So try to protect during the sexual activity to secure yourself from undesirable consequences.
Another strange side effect of Ambien is that some people have increased sexual desire after taking it and they can’t control themselves. If your partner takes this medicine be sure he isn’t sleeping while having sex with you.
Because more and more people say that with Ambien they have the most fantastic sexual experience in their life but frankly speaking they don’t remember much, they know it just from their partner stories.
However being one of the most effective drugs for insomnia ever, Ambien has a lot of unsolved questions connected with. So if you want to sleep normally you should be ready to be responsible for actions not only in your sexual life but in your social and family life as well.

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